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About Incubit Labs

Incubit labs is an Incubator,Launch Hub and Community VC which aims to create,launch and invest in MicroCap Projects which have high potential to grow.

Incubit Labs will provide exclusive access to it's community in Seed Sale Or Private rounds of Projects which would otherwise be inaccessible expect for Wealthy individuals or Influencers.

Why Incubit Labs?

Following are the reasons that lead to the creation of Incubit Labs:

  • Increased/ High number of scams/rug pulls.
  • No verification mechanism for small micro budjet project which are mostly doing stealth launch
  • Not much launchpad available in the industry today support small or micro budjet project launch on thier platform.
  • Uncertainty among investors making even the real and genuine project suspicious and affect the projects potential.
  • Lack of platforms to support new budding crypto team and developers with adequate funds to make thier dream into reality.
  • Expensive marketing and other requirements to get attention among the community.


What you can expect from Incubit Labs?

  • Be a trustable Launch Hub for micro cap projects
  • Verify the project team without charging
  • Be a platform to give exposure for small and low budget projects 
  • Ensure investors funds are in safe hands and makes them DYOR more on technical and other areas of the project.
  • Be a platform with huge community support so that we can contribute lots of amazing projects to the crypto industry where ideas and technical skills will be given priority

Presenting Incubit (INB) Labs Token

Token Distribution

Total Supply – 25 M

IDO or Pre-Sale- 15 M (60%)

Liquidty- 5 M (20%)

Team & Development- 2.5 M (10%)

Marketing- 1.25 M (5%)

Airdrops, Competetions & Reserve - 1.25 M (5%)

INB Token Utility

INB will be deployed on Binance Smart Chain (BEP20).

  • Native Token of the Incubit Platform.
  • Holders of INB will reserve the right to invest in seed rounds of Incubator Projects.
  • Security deposit on Incubit Platform in terms of INB.(For Incubator projects)
  • Used for Airdrops or incentive payment for the community.

Upcoming Incubator Projects

# Name of the project Logo/Ticker Token Purpose Progress Status Team Details









About the Team

Our team comprises of extremely senior and experienced professionals within the crypto-sphere.We have worked with good projects and continue to push to innovate crypto currencies and DeFi.

We don’t want to be the focus ourselves, we don’t want to be idolized or looked up to or treated any differently, we just want to be in the background helping push this project and community as far forwards as humanly possible. 

Remaining anonymous is the epitome of Decentralisation, as it’s the project and you - the community - that truly matter.

The team comprises of people from different parts of the Crypto world and because of the Legal Restrictions in some of the countries,the team decided to be anonymous.

Additionally, since we are dealing with startups and teams with varied backgrounds,Incubit Labs will do everything within its means to ensure investors funds are protected, however because of the volatility in crypto and crypto space , Incubit Lab team members will not be held responsible for any negative actions of its partners.

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